Emmanuel Bandit is a 20 year old, English Defensive Midfielder, playing at Sporting Legacy.

Emmanuel Bandit

Personal information

Full name

Emmanuel Bandit

Place of birth

London, England


1.83 m (6 ft)

Club information

Current club

Sporting Legacy



Club CareerEdit

FC 0 Shots On Goal

Bandit signed for FC 0 Shots On Goal as an 18 year old on the 02/11/13, during season 18. However his contract ended on the 22/11/13 after signing for Northen Assassin Juniors, making apperances for club, getting 1 assist.

Northen Assassins Juniors

Bandit joined Northen Assassins Juniors on 22/11/13 for an undisclosed fee. He was placed stright into the starting XI. During the remaining time of season 18 Bandit made 13 apperances, scoring 9 goals and getting 4 assists. On the 13/12/13 Bandit re-signed with Northen Assassins Juniors for another season. Before the start of season 19 Bandit signed a new contract keeping him around till the end of season 20.

Carvetii FC

After personal issues Bandit was forced to sign a new contract for a new team. The deal went was made on the 09/02/14 and Bandit joined the Carvetii FC locker room. Only 8 days after signing for Carvetii FC , several teams were interested in his signature. Knights FC attempted to gain Bandit's signature, but the offer was declined, while other teams waited before making their move. However Bandit and Carvetii FC agreed on a mutral terms, allowing other teams to gain his signature. During his time at Carvetii FC he made 7 apperances, scoring goals.

FC Real Arad

Bandit signed for FC Real Arad on the 03/03/14, over Strike Force United, only making 7 apperances, scoring goal and gettingassists. However, due to managerial problems, Bandit, and the rest of FC Real Arad, were forced to find new teams.

Mighty Reds FC

On the 28/03/14 Bandit was given a trial at Mighty Reds FC; making 2 apperances, scoring 2 goals. He was not given an extention, or given a longer contract, allowing him to move again. He signed over Gunners and FK Teplice.

Sporting Legacy

During the pre-season of season 20, 07/04/14, Bandit signed for Sporting Legacy , who were known as FC 0 Shots On Goal. So far Bandit has made 17 apperances, scoring goals and getting 13 assists. 


Bandit has yet to earn himself a single award during his playing career.

Club StatisticsEdit

As of June 19th
Club League Played Scored Assist Season
FC 0 Shots On Goal England 3  6 0 1 18

Northen Assassins Juniors

Scotland 3 13 9 4 18
Northen Assassins Juniors Scotland 3 5 7 0 19
Carvetii FC England 3 7 4 0 19
FC Real Arad Romania 1 7 1 2 19
Mighty Red FC Russia 1 2 2 0 19
Sporting Legacy England 3 17 6 13 20

International CareerEdit

Bandit is yet to make an apperance at any international level.